Joker – The Real Hero In The Dark Knight, Suggests A Fan Theory

One of the most iconic Batman films ever made, The Dark Knight is a Hollywood classic. Christopher Nolan’s direction coupled with impeccable screen adaptations of Batman and Joker by Christian Bale and late Heath Ledger respectively, makes the Dark knight one of the best superhero movies of all time. It’s a no brainer that Batman was obviously the protagonist or hero in film, right? Well, think twice before you say yes.

According to a fan theory, The Joker was the actual hero in the movie and not Batman. WTF! Yeah, our reaction was on the same lines. But this guy actually makes a point if you think hard. Here’s his theory he posted on Reddit, which is of course, now viral. (The fan goes by the name of Generalzee on Reddit.)

“In the end Gotham is actually clean. It wasn’t because of Harvey, who died too soon to do any good, except as a martyr, and it wasn’t because of Batman who was ostracized and treated like the criminal such a vigilante truly is for 8 years,” Generalzee explains in his post.Gotham was safe because the Joker had cleaned up the streets. He eliminated the corrupt police, he destroyed organized crime financially, he uplifted Gotham’s spirit, and he even got rid of the flying pest that had been corrupting Gotham ever since he declared himself its protector.”   Simply put- his take is that Joker was responsible for the good things that happened in the film like the dissolution of Gotham’s crime families, the Dent Act and the obsolescence of street vigilantes. Phew, time to watch the movie again!


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