People On Twitter Shared Some Of Their ‘ Worst Childhood Rumours’ & its Nostalgic

For most of us, childhood was the time of innocence. We believed what we heard, without questioning it’s accuracy. And why would we, when the people telling us stuff were our teachers, parents, relatives and friends?

Little did we know back then how they were taking advantage of our innocence and gullibility! From stationery companies to our parents, everybody lied to us. So twitter took it upon itself to make people swallow the red pill (for those who don’t get it, I’m referring to the Matrix!), and brought out the worst childhood rumors that we so naively believed in.

1. All it does is make a hole on your piece of paper.

2. Grandparent’s favorite.

3. Something new for us.

4. Budhi ke baal.

5. For WWE Fans.

6. Even stars shared their #childhoodrumors.
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7. Rumors that turned out to be true.


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