Exes play truth or drink, and it gets pretty awkward


Sitting face to face with an ex doesn’t sound like a barrel of laughs. One way to make it a lot more entertaining? Alcohol. And some really uncomfortable questions.

Cut video is back with another Truth or Drink series, this time ramping up the tension by getting exes involved. We didn’t think they could top the parents and their kids video, but this one wins, if only for the involvement of body shots.

Considering questions like ‘what did your parents think of me?’ and ‘do I ever pop into your head when you masturbate?’, it isn’t actually as painful to watch as you’d think, probably because loads of the couples are still buddies post-break-up.


It just gets a little weird when the exes are dared to kiss each other on the mouth, prompting a LOT of alcohol consumption.

Source : metro.uk


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