Story Of Roshini, a Prostitute!

It was a bright Sunny Day of the Spring, When a well educated Economist-turned –Reporter ran into a lady in her mid 20’s, with dark Lipstick on her lips and in a hurry to be prepared with all the facial Cosmetics found in the Market. Her name was ROSHINI (changed name). On introduction to each other, PRAVEEN (changed name), the Reporter, came to know that Roshini is a Prostitute in RED LIGHT AREA, G. B. Road.

Praveen Convinced her to spare out some time for an Interview and thus, She revealed her story, nervous and tear rolling down her Cosmetic clone, She told Praveen.

“ I lived in Chhattisgarh, I don’t want to reveal the name of my village, because it will cause Disrespect of my family”

It is so IRONIC that in a society where DIGNIFIED people use these Women for Recreation, the same society poses a threat to their identity itself.

“I lived with my two brothers, both younger to me, and my Parents, a Construction Labor, working in the nearby New-built Factory. When I was 11 Years of age, and my father had a Conflict with his Contractor(THEKEDAR), The Thekedar came to our house with his martial Bodyguards, and threatened us to co-operate in his Unlawful practice”

With growing Infrasturcture, the Corruption associated with it is also increasing, but the Govt..

Once, the Contractor while at work, looked at me and said, ‘Ladki jawaan hai’,(Girl is young) My father pleaded him to forgive him and relieve him of his work, as it was not safe anymore to work there, the Thekedar, with his reluctant eyes, left the scene”

“Next thing I remember is that I was sleeping with my family, in the living room (the only room in our house), Somehow two men managed to Enter into the House without anyone knowing, I was partially awake, so, noted that they noticed everyone, and when they noticed me, they just put a Rumaal (Handkerchief) on my nose, and I fainted”

Even after govt. Regulations and Rules, Intoxicating Substances are still sold and are easily available in the market.

“The next day I was in a train with those two men, I could see their faces now in Daylight. As I gained consciousness, they whispered something to each other, one of them stood and dragged me to the toilet. The Train , as always, was crowded, but nobody uttered a single word,

They took me to the toilet, and we three were closed inside the Toilet cabin, They started looking at me from head to toe, one of them asked me to close my eyes, I didn’t Close. They Undressed me, and raped me until I bled. It was Very Painful. The same Pain I am habitual of now, and the same Pain which men enjoy”

“They cleaned me up, I was weeping, they said, “Achhe bachhe ki tarah bilkul chup, uncle tumhe Chocolate denge”.(Now be a good child and stop crying, we will give you chocolate)

Chocolates are the prime desire of females, but the point at which Desire Becomes a MIRAGE, It no longer remains a desire.

“In evening, we reached Nayi Dilli,(New Delhi) A world I had never seen before, I remember, this is the time when my Father used to come to home, My mother used to prepare food for all of us, but, here I am with these Two Demons holding my hands tightly, taking me through the Crowd into an unknown Crowd, Police personnel were there on the gate, and I decided to refute in front of them, but, even the Guardians were Deceived. He started looking the other way as we moved through the gate.”

“They took an auto and the auto driver was Bihari, a Similar accent to me, but still unknown to me, we reached a Small area, a world in it own by the nightfall, “SADAR BAZAAR”, They got on foot, and fairly a lot of people knew them here, “Aur Bhai, Ajj Naya maal Utaar rahe ho”(Hey Bro, A new girl today?) being the regular comment. They took me into a small door, and then two other, even smaller, hardly a person can fit in them. A Lady in her late 40s was sitting there, with two men helping her with her knee pain, she asked me, what is your name?”

“She slapped me so hard, that I fell Unconscious, since then, she is my boss, I have to spend the Whole night, with a person she tells me to, and in a manner that person wishes, I am no one. This is where I entered my Puberty, Ended my Teenage and now going to be 30 soon, it’s not that I am still nothing, I am something, I am an assistant of her now, managing the younger Roshini”

Management is taught in great environment, AC room, Case studies, etc. but, the Best management (human RESOURCE) is taught with experience.

“I am taken for a night at amount varying between 600/- to 1200/-, depending on the service desired, the son of well-known Minister comes twice in a week and is provided with me, his personal favourite, Once he took me in his car, went on to Drive past Police check post, with nothing but Salutes, and Picking up his fellow friends, I cried all night in pain of what they did to me, Treated me like a Turkey, and threw me at the Clock house in Chandni chowk at dawn, so that no one can notice them with me. I could barely walk, but I  have to be ready for next night and after it too, still he comes and treats me like anything for exchange of money, the money I deserve for all this is too few”
WE might have evolved into best animals on the earth, but Wild is still our Nature, People say- “that’s not my work” maybe because they are afraid of taking Responsibility, Take Responsibility, if not for your nation, and not for your world, at least for Humanity.



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