Alcoholic Man Chains Himself Up In A Room

Staying sober is a real struggle for alcoholics, and the protagonist of this sad story is no exception. 30-year-old Zhang Rui had been trying to kick the habit for a while, but when all his attempts failed, both he and his family got desperate. After what must have been a serious intervention, he agreed to let his mother chain him by the neck in a room, to prevent him from buying or stealing booze.

Zhang, who is still locked in his attic room in Bengbu, east China, told that he couldn’t think of any other way to stop himself from harming others or drinking himself to death. Despite his poor living conditions, Zhang believes that confining himself is the only way to beat the addiction that has ruined his life. In fact, he wants to stay chained up and locked in there for at least six months, until he no longer feels the need to consume alcohol.

The room Zhang is locked in is an attic room just ten square metres (107 square feet), and the only luxury items he has are a bed for sleeping, and TV he can watch.
Apart from this, his living conditions are filthy, he does not have an area to clean or a proper toilet to go to, only a bucket and a large bottle. He does everything in this one room, eating, sleep and even washing himself.

According to local reporters, Zhang is a sane person and can think clearly, but alcohol is destroying his life. Before he started drinking he was a kind and gentle character. But now when he has had a drink, Zhang is very violent and abusive, he would often beat random people up.
His wife has left him along with his children after they became too frightened to be around him, this is one of the reasons why he has gone to such extreme measures to sober up.

Zhang is now incredibly emotional and cries a lot. His mum says that one day she hopes she can unlock the chains so he can live a normal life.
This has to be the most extreme case of self-imposed rehab since the guy who built a metal cage for his head in order to stop smoking.


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