Canada’s Most Innovative Prison Rehab Programs

It is a fact that the family members of an alcoholic suffer more than the alcoholic itself and its very difficult for them to get their loved one into alcohol treatment. Drug rehabilitation gets to the root cause of drug-related crime instead of perpetuating the problem by sending nonviolent offenders straight to prison. This is much different than viewing crime as an offense against the state, the society, or the community.

Lovell’s study , published in 2007, found that prisoners who were released directly from super-max prisons into the community committed new felonies sooner and at higher rates” than prisoners who were not isolated. In criminal rehabilitation, prisoners are given opportunity to increase their content knowledge base.

Bridgewater is a prison that houses people charged with or convicted of crimes who are awaiting medical evaluation or services. In addition, the current trend towards locating prisons in remote areas, far away from communities where most crimes are committed, creates tremendous hardships on families of inmates.

We recommend establishing a review committee to select the assessment tools most effective at determining which inmates are the highest‑risk to recidivate and have the highest‑need for rehabilitation programs to address those needs. This leaves us with a large percentage of released criminals who do commit crimes and end up being repeat offenders.

Recovery support services also include access to evidence-based practices such as supported employment, education, and housing; assertive community treatment; illness management; and peer-operated services. Withdrawal is usually achieved within a week and a healthy, balanced diet is necessary to support the alcoholic’s body as it going through major changes.

Post-release success often depends of the nature and quality of services and support provided in the community, and here is where the least amount of societal attention and resources are typically directed. Similar programs are rare, and support for them is subject to the whims of the political climate.

Until very recently, Restorative Justice approaches, in practice, have been limited to (a) victim restitution programs, (b) offender accountability and victim awareness programs, and (c) victim-offender reconciliation programs. Phoenix Society is dedicated to social innovation and community initiatives that help participants exit the cycle of addiction and homelessness.


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