diamond supply coHow to Plan a layout for sewing

Having zippers on your clothes can be much better than having buttons or anything else. They sturdy and can close up any gap with one swipe. If you plan on making your own clothes from scratch, it important to know how to sew zippers onto your clothing. This video will show you how to follow a sewing pattern.

A flexible tape measure

A sewing pattern


Straight pins


Step 1. Take your measurements

Take your measurements with a tape measure wrapped snugly around your undergarments.

Read the chart on the back of your pattern and figure out your size. You will be a bigger size than you are in the store.

If you are between sizes, choose the bigger size and trim the.

Making and sewing piping can be an easy and fun sewing project. Get tips from our expert on fabric piping in this free sewing video series.

Part 1 of 20 How to Sew piping.

Sew piping Part 2 of 20.

Sewing your own cosplay costume requires a massive investment of time, energy, and diamond supply co shirt sewing skills. Before you get started, you should watch all of this three part video tutorial on sewing cosplay costumes. It covers everything from buying fabric to the actual sewing and everything in between, and should have you ready for you next anime convention in no time.

Part 1 of 3 How to Sew a great DIY cosplay costume.

Part 2 of 3 How to Sew a great DIY cosplay costume.

Part 3 of 3 How to Sew a great DIY cosplay costume.

Are you picking up sewing for the first time, diamond supply co t shirts or simply looking to brush up on your sewing machine skills? This video covers all the basics of how to sew with a sewing machine.

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