Internet Access Everywhere In India ! Soon, A Reality

Internet is the backbone of any business these days, whether it’s e-Commerce or any construction Company. Everything is connected to the Internet. Apart from being so important for the business, Internet is also a part of our lives. Internet is everywhere, we breath Internet.
But Do you know the fact? Two third of our population is not connected to the Internet. Because, either they don’t have the connectivity or they can’t afford it. Many operators promise that they have the connectivity everywhere but this is the never ending problem in India. But world’s leader in the market of Internet GOOGLE has the Solution and it is coming up with it.

Enter Google balloons! Now, there is a real-time possibility of being able to access fast internet in India all thanks to Google’s Project Loon.
This is an advanced technology which will avail the Lightening Fast Internet Connectivity Across the Country, even at the remotest Locations.

What is meant by Google Balloon or Project Loon?

Google launched the project in June 2013. The project uses balloons (popularly known as Google Balloons) that float at a height of 20 kilometers above the earth’s surface to transmit internet services on a large scale access. Even the most remote areas of India will be able to enjoy fast internet access with this project.

How Does This Technology Work

These Balloons are sent into Stratosphere, which is quite high above the ground layer. This height is around 20 kms from the surface layer of the Earth. These Balloons beam the signal from there. Also Google have made an algorithm for these balloons so that they can easily move onto their correct location with the help of winds and take their respective location. And after the partnership from the cellular companies, the internet will be made available.
Thus people will have the connectivity with the loons directly on their Smartphone, it doesn’t matters wherever they are. All you need is an LTE- enabled devices.

Are there any countries that have successfully tested this?
Yes. The project has already been successful in these countries – New Zealand, California and Brazil. Sri Lanka and Indonesia have also given a nod to this project.

And now, it’s India’s turn. Google is now working with the Indian Government for providing large-scale internet connectivity.

An official source said:
Google approached the government to set up the Loon project and Drone-based Internet transmission. The government has approved testing of Loon project only as of now. A committee under the chairmanship of Secretary, DEITY, has been formed to work on it.


How will things be managed in India?
In India, Project Loon will collaborate with BSNL and set up Google balloons. The broadband spectrum is going to be 2.6 GHz band. It will provide connectivity to a ground area of about 40 kilometers!

So while Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, Idea function as internet service providers, Google will function as technology service providers in India.

The Government has already given a nod for the testing of Project Loon. If all goes well, the face of the internet is going to change for the better in India.


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