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Guy Molested: Gender Equality: Is it??


Why does someone suffer for being honest, helpful and innocent? Why does the incredible power of mind used for the purposes which are against the humanity? These questions arise after a gruesome incident took place in Indian capital, New Delhi. An auto-rickshaw driver fractured his both legs while trying to escape from getting molested by a woman in her apartment. Driver Umesh Prasad, 41, alleged that a 32-year-old woman tried to force him to have sex with her, while another woman tried to film the act.

Police have been arrested Renu Lalwani, a woman who tried to molest him and another woman who was filming the act, identified as Hitija from Tanzania, was on the run. Driver reported police that Renu Lalwani hired his auto-rickshaw to go to Arjun Nagar, about seven kilometers away from South Delhi’s Saket area. On the way, she borrowed Rs.300 from him as a ploy of buying some things and ensured to return on reaching home. After reaching Arjun Nagar, she invited him on the pretense of paying him.

“After offering him water to drink, Lalwani suddenly locked the doors from inside and sought sexual favours from the driver which he denied,” said Inspector Vishuddhanand Jha of Safdarjung Enclave police station.

“The woman then offered him wine, which he again refused to take. Frustrated, she forced herself on him, tore his clothes and kissed him while her roommate filmed the whole incident,” the officer added.

When two women elapsed to other room for a discussion after an hour, the driver jumped off of the first floor balcony and unfortunately fractured his both legs. A taxi driver spotted the wounded driver and immediately informed to the police control room.

“Everybody at the hospital, including senior officers, was shocked when the auto driver told them about the cause of his injury,” said the police officer.

Police are searching a Tanzanian woman, Hitija. They believe that these women might have trapped other drivers in similar way as they recovered four badges and four driving licenses of auto-rickshaw drivers from Lalwani.

The whole nation was on fire when brutal acts such as rape and molestation of women took place in this country. The videos, blogs, social media and through every possible medium, people expressed protest and demanded justice for those victims. But what happens when men are getting molested by women? Why don’t people care about those innocent men who were trying to do their duties in order to feed their families? Why can’t people get aggressive against those women who committed such heinous acts? People, who do not think women should get punished in a same way after knowing about this incident have no right speak about gender equality or discrimination against women. The law treats everyone equally; but will the law treat this incident in a same way it treats other cases is worth knowing. Though the condition of a driver who fractured his legs will not be same as before, let’s hope that driver gets the justice he deserves.

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