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Irrfan Khan Renamed ‘The 3000 Crore Khan’

Overjoyed that the movie Jurassic World hit the global box office with Rs. 3,200 crore in India and abroad together within the opening weekend itself, Irrfan Khan of Bollywood now tops the ranking list of all the Khans in the Indian film industry with his Hollywood appearance. While the other Khans rival each other to get the most box office collections, Irrfan Khan competes against his own performances, outdoing himself in his each film.


Now renamed ‘The 3000 Crore Khan’, he still is humble enough to thank everyone who worked toward making the film such a huge success. Playing the role of Simon Masrani, the owner of the dinosaur park in Jurassic World which is the latest installment in the Jurassic Park series, was a blessed opportunity for Irrfan to shine globally as a trending Bollywood actor in multiple Hollywood films. The scuttlebutt about him now seems to be his next gig in Dan Brown’s screen adaptation of Inferno. Kudos to Irrfan Khan on winning the race of the Khans without intending to!

Content writer, Team Scuttlebutt

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