Namo among top ten criminals in the world

You may not believe it but that’s what Google is saying, search for top 10 criminals on Google and you will find the name of our prime minister along with not so surprising names which includes Dawood Ibrahim, Hafiz Saeed and even Osama bin laden.

According to Google they follow certain logic but it looks like they ran out of logics this time, which brought the twitterati of India all guns blazing on Google.



Whatever may be the reason behind this but placing our PM in top 10 criminals in some way affect the image of our country and our leader. After all he is a hard working individual trying to make India a better place each day. And these tweets shows that people believe in him.



And when it comes down to the PM of India there is no such thing as opposition party because even the congress party is against it and want it to be taken down.


Now not only he is among the top 10 criminals, you also need to watch out for his sarcasm as well because this is what he tweeted.


Leaving apart all the jokes and humor it is our duty to share this as much as we can so that Google brings it down and apologies.



Curated by :- Mr Aanshik Singh Chaudhary ( Team Scuttlebutt )


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