Is IPL the safest property to invest in?

Is IPL the safest property to invest in?

Over the years, Brand IPL (Indian Premier League) has been in the news for both right and wrong reasons. While in its early editions, brands looking to cash in on IPL’s popularity followed a ‘wait-watch-spend’ approach, today, associating with this T20 format in any capacity, has become a crucial part of the marketing and media calendar for leading brands. As the eighth edition of IPL kicks off, BS(business standard) ask experts if the game is the safest property to invest in


IPL spells scale & credibility for online brands: Shankar Nath

Paytm’s presence as one of the associate sponsors of IPL8 is part of our bigger decision of investing consistently in cricket. It began last year when the Indian cricket team was touring Australia. We followed it up by advertising during the ICC Cricket world cupthis year. So our brand name flashed on the L-band on the viewer’s screen, every time a boundary was hit during the World Cup. Since the viewership was low initially, we managed to clinch a lucrative deal.

Our marketing team has been studying viewership data and other trends on IPL for the last few years. In India, to reach the masses, almost every credible brand has associated itself with either Bollywood or IPL in the past. But this is public knowledge. Our media research showed when it comes to advertising on television, only live cricket is worth investing in.

Being a growing e-commerce company, we have already invested in internet marketing significantly. Now is the time for us to build scale and credibility by speaking to the television viewers. We are open to experimentation while choosing the right engagement platforms to get closer to our target group. This will not be easy.

As we figure the best way of doing this, IPL will certainly be an important part of our media plan.


It is the right time to launch a medi a blitzkrieg: PM Balakrishna

PL has certainly grown big enough to find a permanent place in the media plans of big and small brands. It provides a wholesome family viewing experience packed with celebrities and entertainment. Not to forget, it is the cheapest form of entertainment available for nearly 45 days. Since its first edition in 2008, IPL has grown from strength to strength as a strong media property. Back then news channels and GECs tried to create programming to lure viewers away from IPL. These efforts failed miserably and today most of these channels keep a low-profile during IPL

FMCG and telecom companies have been advertising during the IPL for many seasons, e-commerce companies have jumped to the bandwagon in a big way this season. Advertisers have always believed in out-shouting the competition by building their presence on high-GRP platforms. E-commerce companies are looking for instant reach and high recall. It will be a good idea for them to launch a media blitzkrieg during the IPL. They can learn from the success of a company like Vodafone, which launched the ZooZoo campaign and continued the brand story in the subsequent editions.


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