8 DIY Smartphone Photography Tips For Taking Magnificent Pictures

Photography is not the reflection of outer world, but the reflection of inner world. Camera captures the way we perceive the world. Every photograph tells a story. It is an art to express what words cannot. The emotions of a dancer, a thrill in a game, smiles in a party or an inspirational message by a politician, anything can be conveyed through a simple click.

What is required to take the best photographs is not the lens, a beautiful location or more number of megapixels or any photoshop software; it’s eyes that make the difference. Photography is more about the feel, the grace and the swag which deliver an epic story that words cannot deliver.

This video is about some DIY smartphone photography tips that will make your experience of reflecting your inner world more enjoyable and satisfying. With simple changes in equipment used in everyday life, some awesome photographs can emerge which gives a new meaning.

These tricks will give you a new perspective to see the world and change the perspective of people for better by conveying a message through the photographs. Instead of using photoshop software and waste a lot of time editing it, a simple trick can save a lot of time with magnificent pictures. Watch this video



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