Healthy-Benefits of Masturbation!

Okay, Don’t be shocked. Yes, it does have some serious health related benefits as well which you never know. Or should I say you never cared to know.

Excited to know the list? Me too. So here it goes:

Prevents prostate cancer

Campaign Stop Prostate Cancer by a man on white background

Toxins build up in the urogenital tract, leading to diseases—but masturbation flushes those toxins out of the body, making men who ejaculate more than five times a week a third less likely to develop prostate cancer.

Alleviates urinary tract infections


Once you’re tired of drinking all that cranberry juice, turn to the other cure for UTIs: masturbation. It helps flush out old bacteria from the cervix, giving UTI sufferers some much-needed relief.

Boosts your Immunity


Ejaculation releases the hormone cortisol. It’s a stress hormone, but in small doses, it can help strengthen and maintain your immune system.

Prevents Heart Diseases


Heart disease is the no. 1 killer of women. Several studies suggest that women who experience more orgasms, are less susceptible to heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

Prevents STIs


Masturbation can also indirectly prevent infertility by protecting people from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that can lead to infertility!
Because obviously, you can’t give one to yourself. LOL

Everything you need for a good day !


Masturbation produces a chemical called oxytocin, which works as a natural pain reliever. Help reduce headaches and muscle aches. Relieve stress and tension and aid relaxation after a stressful day.
Totally get why people do it everyday now !

Reduces Nasal Congestion

Girl in winter clothing sneezing
Girl in winter clothing sneezing

A new study shows that the swelling in the vessels of your nose reduces during masturbation and sex. It suggests that masturbation will help improve your symptoms of the common cold, allergic rhinitis, hay fever, and other related ailments.
Its like a home remedy. Haha

Improves Sleep Quality


Masturbation will help put up a fight against insomnia through hormonal release. Your body releases dopamine, the feel-good hormone, in anticipation of an orgasm. After climax, your body releases a calming hormone called oxytocin. The combination of both will help you have good sleep.

Fights Depression


It also reduces depression by increasing the amount of endorphins in the bloodstream which is released during an orgasm.
It makes people happy anyway 😀


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