8 Reasons Why You Would Choose To Be In The Media Industry | By Ragini Shah |

Media is the most fascinating and flourishing industry in today’s time. But if you aspire to be a part of this industry, here are a few hidden secrets:

You Just Hate Sleeping

Every working person has fixed working hours but not in the case of a media person. Untill the work is done or you get the correct news, there is no sleeping!

You Love Working On Holidays

For achieving greater heights, there has to be some sacrifice and here, you ought to sacrifice your holidays sometimes because there is no escape from the media. There is no holiday for the media.

You Love That Stress

Every task or project comes along with alot of stress. So there are deadlines and conditions to make work fun. Get the pun, right?

Payment Dealy? Yeah Fine

If it is freelancing or working or an internship, payment at the right time may sometimes not happen. Every media person, at some point, has to go through the payment begging phase as success and recognition are not easy tasks.

You Cannot Live Without Your Phone. Period.

Communication is the essence of media. Today, Social media marketing is an important task of any firm. Hence, life without the mobile phone is not really possible. You need to prove yourself as a true media person by being active on every social media platform.

You Have Enjoyed Your Life In Childhood Only

Simple things like attending parties or functions are rare events in a media person’s life. It demands all the time and dedication.

You Want To Have A Disturbed Family Life

You become a so-called busy person for family and relatives. Family get-togethers are rare for you to attend as you are busy figuring out advertising strategies for a firm or making a film or reporting or interviews, etc.

You Don’t Want To Hangout With Friends Anymore

Sleepovers, Movies, Clubs and trips are replaced by late night working, research, marketing, editing, content writing, etc. This is how the life of a media person changes.

Yes, the glamorous media industry is deeper than it appears !


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