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Mindboggling: Secrets of Girls Hostel: Revealed

Alright, A girls hostel is a mystery for every boy out there. And of course they can’t help but imagine all the things they do, especially a girl on girl. Well, that’s just creepy. So before you guys imagine things which are unrealistic, here is something that would give you a clearer picture of what ACTUALLY happens in a girls hostel :-

Selfies ! Lots and lots of them

Image 1
Haha, its not a myth that a girl takes a 100 pictures before finally uploading “the” one. We need to make sure its top notch yo 😛

Gossiping. All the freaking time 😛

image 2
Yes, we talk a lot. A loooot, from that hot guy from college, to that bitch in your class, to abusing the warden. We can talk about anything and everything.


Relationship/ Sexual/ Career Advice. Every kind of advice

image 3
Giving emotional support is something that comes to a girl naturally. We believe in being there for each other in whatever way we can. And we are so proud of that.


Getting high together

image 4
This. Is. The. Best. Thing. About. A. Hostel.
Lock the rooms and get, set, bhand. Haha


Watching porn

image 5
Finally boys, one of the fantasies finally coming true. Haha. Whatever. We like to explore. 😛


Major online shopping

image 6
Ahhhh.. Its an addiction. You need to see every girls homepage. Out of 8, 4 will be of online shopping. Such love for forever21, Koovs, myntra etc. 😛


Stalking, stalking and more stalking

image 7
Okay boys, hard truth, a girl may not ask you for your number, but with just your name, she shall find out every damn thing about your life. Be it your best friend, you ex, your dog, anything. Name it and she shall know it. Time to call us crazy. LOL



image 8
Cribbing about what? Well, mess food, college, boyfriend, classes, exams, weight, hair, skin, clothes, mom… LIFE. We crib about every damn thing on planet earth.


Exercise and pampering sessions

image 9
Every girl has a sudden sense of realization about her weight and skin, every once in 3-4 weeks. So we YouTube the abs workout, the legs and butt workout, the skin remedies, best homemade face-packs etc.
Its a different thing, nothing lats for more than a week.


Planning birthday surprises

image 10
We believe nobody can do it better than us. Period.


Cat fights

image 12
Girls can disagree on a lot of things. A LOT. 😛
We can love unconditionally, but don’t mess with us. EVER.


Try on clothes

image 13
I don’t know why, but we do. Start getting ready randomly at 1am, because, just. It makes us happy. Just does 😛


Watch TV shows and movies endlessly

image 14
We just cant stop. We will watch FRIENDS maybe the 100th time, if we have nothing else to watch. Our laptop is the most important thing to us after our phone.


Finally, Just Go crazyy !

image 15
From the crazy singing sessions in the washroom, to the random dancing sessions. We live life to the fullest even if we miss home so so much.

Hostel life has its own freedom and fun, but mummy ke hath ka khaana bohot yaad ata hai 🙁

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