Ladies, Now Here’s A Way To Get Rid Of Those Perverts

Fashion is now adapting to the needs of the people. Practicality with fashion takes a hit in China after an image of a new kind of garment was posted on the country’s version of Twitter. ‘Super sexy, summertime anti-pervert, essential for young girls going out,’ read an attached caption, according to Shanghai based bloggers ChinaSMACK.

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Women tired of men staring at their legs can now deflect any unwanted attention with….a pair of these hairy stockings! Whaaatt? Yes, you read it right. Hairy stockings. I know what you’re thinking. “Here’s something a girl can wear and not get raped in India.” It looks so disgusting that men will want to move away as far as possible. Hairy (pause) is the new safe.

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However, men will want to stay away and that’s the controversy here. We, girls, can’t afford to eschew all guys. The perverts will be blocked and so will be cute guys. This is why users in China are worried the latest fashion fad will backfire even if it is becoming very popular in the country. Are girls ready to sacrifice opportunities for their own safety? I don’t think so. After all, Indian ladies wear short clothes for one reason alone: to show off our sexy legs.

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