Woman Marries a Magician, Gets the Most Mind-Blowing First Dance Ever

Weddings are supposed to be fun, right? They should be memorable and fun because it is the beginning of the new chapter of a couple’s life together. However, it isn’t always the case. Most of the time, we find ourselves wondering why we attended a certain wedding when the toast is just boring or the couple’s video is just as lifeless as it can be.

Good thing Justin Wilman and Jillian Sipkins thought of a better alternative to the boring wedding toast. Since they realized that people would probably ask how they got together (a lot!) and they understand how it feels to sit through to the boring traditional wedding toast, Justin and Jillian came up with a creative epic video of their story a la Comedy Central’s “Drunk History”.

Thanks to a bottle of whiskey, two bottles of wine and half a bottle of vodka and with a little help from their friends, none of the guests needed to have an excuse to leave their wedding. I’m sure you’d enjoy being there too!

Watch the epic video here:

Indeed, the video was just epic and hilarious!


And so was their wedding…


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