An Open Letter from a Wedding Planner to a Bride


Dear Bride,

I know this is a crazy busy time for you and you’re worried about all that’s happening and how fast it is. As someone who’s held your hand on your most memorable day and been with you through it all, I have a few things to say to you.

Take it Easy. It all works out in the end, all of it. I know the colour is wrong today and the dress doesn’t fit right, but it will. And even if it’s not perfect, it’s fine. When you’re standing there next to the person who loves you the most in the world, and your closest friends and family are around you, none of it will matter. So take a breath, step back and worry a little less.

Have fun. Enjoy the wedding, after all, it is YOUR wedding. Don’t be worried about opening your hair and jumping onto the dance floor, have that shot (You’ll regret it, if you don’t!), be silly, spend time with your friends and family who’ve made the effort to be with you. Don’t let the wedding pass and be a blur, cherish it. Make the memories! I promise you they’ll make for awesome dinner time stories.

Ditch the latest collection. I know you’ve waited all year for it and it’s perfect, but choose something timeless instead of it. Opt for something classic, you’ll love it longer. My mantra is simple, when choosing an outfit for your wedding, buy something you imagine your daughter wearing someday- You’ll never get it wrong then.

Spend the extra on the photographer. It’ll be worth it. Your wedding photos will live longer than you and you don’t want something blurred hanging in your family living room. Take out the time to make beautiful ones, catch the sunsets, I know the candid photos look real, but it’s the portraits you’ll want after a few years.

Have a Plan B. I know you have your A-game on, but plan for a few backups. It might rain, the dress may not arrive, and there may be a last minute cancellation. Planning ahead will make everything flow much smoother on the actual day.

And trust me, I’m certain it’ll be magical and more than you ever dreamed of!

Your, Wedding Planner.



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