Dr. Shashi Tharoor Illustrates Why Britain Owes Reparations To India

The ability of Dr. Shashi Tharoor to captivate audience through his eloquence is incredible. With thorough research and studying the facts, he presents himself in debates and discussions simply blow people’s minds. This time is no different when he speaks up about reparations British owe to India in Oxford Union Society, the world’s prestigious society for organizing debates by inviting international guests and speakers to Oxford. This time the motion was that house believes Britain owes reparations to her former colonies. Dr. Tharoor starts to make propositions with humor. From beginning to end, with each step he illustrates why Britain owes reparations with the help of facts and figures.

He makes propositions about India’s role in British economy and how it affected the world economy while British were ruling India. Knowing how Indians helped British in the World War I and II, how railways built to favor British colonial people and how India saved Scotland did from poverty will change the perspective of Indians to look at Britain as one of the developed nations in the world. He believes that it is futile to argue that vast amounts to be paid, but proposition is the principle of reparations. The impact had been made and nothing can compensate to those who suffered, lost their lives and whose families had gone through excruciating pain. The scars remain forever. The reparations are not the tool to empower anybody, it is the tool to atone for the wrongs had been done, he concludes. Watch this thought-provoking talk.



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