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Different Shades Of Sexual Orientation

Sexuality is a Primal Life Force, the source of Human Creativity and Connection

So you surely might have heard about Heterosexuals, Homosexuals and Bisexuals. But did you know about these..??


A person who doesn’t experience sexual attraction


A person sexually attracted to intelligence.


A person who can be sexually attracted to some varieties of gender, but not all.


A person is sexually attracted only to people who are not, at the moment, menstruating.
In some extreme cases, can be attracted to one who never menstruate.


A person who is only sexually attracted to a person s/he shares a deep emotional bond with.


A person who is both asexual and sexual. You don’t often feel sexual attraction. May be once/twice in your life.


A person who is sexually and romantically attracted to people from all the genders.


A person who is sexually attracted to gender fluid people (who can identify as being both male and female).


A person who is sexually attracted to men/masculinity.

A person can be heterosexual, or homosexual to be an androsexual. It is based on the gender they are attracted to, rather than their own.


A person who is sexually attracted to women.

Similarly as androsexual, both lesbians and straight people can be gynesexual.


A person who is capable of feeling romantic attraction but doesn’t want it reciprocated.

Turns out in a world of supposedly black and white, there are many colours to the rainbow!

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