59-Year-Old Grandmother Is Still Killing It as a Successful Fashion Model – Know Her Secret

Some women in their late 50s are either looking forward to an early retirement, wanting to spend more time with their family or taking care of their grandchildren. There are also those who prefer travelling or completing their bucket lists.

The 59-year-old-grandmother Yasmina Rossi has another way of living her life to the fullest. She was born in France in 1955 and raised on the island of Corsica. Rossi has become the envy of many because of her gorgeous, youthful and healthy physique. Her successful and still active career as a fashion model makes her one of the remarkable women today too. She has worked with famous international brands like Hermes, Macy’s and Marks & Spencer to name a few. It doesn’t end there, Rossi also happens to be a photographer and an advanced ceramist. Cool!

When asked about how she managed to remain fit and young-looking at her age,

“There is no big secret,” she told Sunday Times’ Style magazine.


“All I have ever done is eat organic food,” she added.


“I eat an avocado a day and organic meat and fish.”


“I put rapeseed oil on my hair.”


She also uses oil on her skin. SEXY!


She “scrubs her skin once a week using olive oil and fine sugar.”


She exercises moderately.


No wonder she’s still undeniably hot and fit at 59..


and a BEAUTY too.


Indeed, age is just a number. What an INSPIRATION.


Truly an embodiment of a woman defying age and beauty. To know more about Yasmina Rossi, you may visit her website– yasminarossi.com.


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