World of Shocking Superstitions!

The World has progressed and completely changed since the ancient times. Most of the ancient cultures have been buried and done away with. Surprisingly though, what hasn’t been lost is the belief in superstitions. Such beliefs have been transferred from one generation to another and continue to exist even in the 21st century!
Even today, unbelievable and shocking superstitions are practiced in large parts of the World.


In Vietnam, while giving gifts to couples on their wedding day, they are usually given in pairs. They avoid giving single items as it will cause bad luck and marriage will not be expected to last longer. But Wait, does that mean giving two blankets as well??


Never hand some one a knife. Set it down and let them pick it up, or else you will get into a fight with that person.


Japanese tradition states that if three people have been photographed together, the one in the middle will be the first to die. Oops!


If a man is hit with a broom, he will become impotent and/or his genitals will disappear. Some believe this can be countered by hitting the offender back with a broom no fewer than 7 times. Phewwww!


It is good luck to step in dog poop with your left foot, but bad luck to step in it with your right foot (and while no one seems to know the origin of this belief, it may explain the abundance of canine land mines scattered throughout the country).


Here, a pregnant woman can determine the gender of her unborn baby by throwing a dead snake up in the air. If the snake lands on its back, the baby will be a girl. And if upright, baby will be a Boy.

Unlucky Smoke Triad

Film Sakafy cigarettes
Not sure about the Origin, but this superstition comes from military circles and dates back to the World War I. It was considered bad luck among soldiers to light three cigarettes with one match. It was theorized that by the time the third cigarette was lit, a sniper would have had the time to have the soldier in his sight, ready to make the kill. However, some believe that the superstition may have been invented by match tycoon Ivar Krueger to drum up more business.


In Rwanda, women are taught to avoid the meat of goats from an early age, as eating it will cause them to grow beards.


In Russia, it is believed that giving a bouquet of even numbered flowers to a girl is a sign of death. Well, in that case a dozen roses is indeed a bad idea!


In China, the number 4 and all iterations thereof(14,24..)are considered highly unlucky, as the chinese pronunciation the number 4 is nearly identical to chinese pronunciation of the word “death”.


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