Accurate Reasons Why You Should/Should Not Date An Entrepreneur

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, entrepreneurs would probably belong to the black hole! They are characterised by passion, determination and vision. Unfortunately, this translates to little or no time for themselves.

When you think of love, the world has been unfair to them. Entrepreneurs are often lonely, albeit successful and rich. Why, you ask? Because not everyone is designed to be a partner of an entrepreneur for it requires strength, persistence, sacrifice and finding joy in the little things in life.

We are not saying it’ll be easy. We are saying it’ll be fun!

Here are 29 reasons why you should/should not date an entrepreneur:

#1. Entrepreneurs live on the edge. If you date one, be prepared for an adventure everyday.


#2. They will not reveal themselves easily. Getting to know them is an experience like no other.



#3. Entrepreneurs need a lot of motivation and at times, it comes from the most unimaginable and weird places and things possible. You will always be in awe of how they approach things.


#4. They are extremely knowledgeable. So, start a conversation on any topic and they will be sure to join in.


#5. Entrepreneurs live a difficult life so if you date them, chances are that they will forget your anniversary or birthday, but will always make up for it and make things better.


#6. Smooth-talking is one of their key skills and boy, are they charming! No one can help but agree with them when they switch the smooth talk on.


#7. Entrepreneurs are opportunists. If not today, they will definitely earn money some day.



#8. They have a vision and soon enough, when you see how passionate they are about what they want in life, you will join in their vision too.


#9. They know what things work with the masses. If you casually mentioned a hobby, they can think about transforming it into a business idea. They will make you rich too!


#10. If you are an extrovert, dating an entrepreneur is the best thing that will ever happen to you. They need to meet a lot of people for work and most of them are interesting. Tag along and you will never be bored!


#11. Entrepreneurs are extremely spontaneous. From dinner plans to long drives to unplanned trips, they will keep surprising you with their spontaneity and this excitement of not knowing what is next is brilliant.


#12. They value opportunity and know how to make the most of it, so if there is a fight, trust them to take the second chance seriously.


#13. They have an open mind and always entertain new ideas. You can be your true self with them, without fear of being turned down.


#14. The sex will be amazing because of a willingness to explore new things.


#15. They are passionate. Don’t believe us? Make them talk about work and you will see their eyes lit up. Everyone deserves similar passion in a relationship.



#16. Entrepreneurs believe in themselves. You can’t not get attracted to commendable confidence!


#17. When something is broken, their creativity will enable them to find new ways of fixing it. The relationship will steer clear of troubles because of this approach.


#18. They have a busy life of their own and when you date them, you will learn how to be independent.


#19. An entrepreneur has learnt to compromise on sleep and so, late nights will never be a problem!


#20. They will never rant about their boss because they are the boss.


#21. You can tell all your friends that you’re dating a CEO who runs their own company. You can leave out the fact that the CEO is also the secretary, the janitor, middle management, and a web design intern.



#22. They are intensely committed to their work. When it comes to the relationship, they will not be afraid to commit.


#23. An entrepreneur is extremely intelligent and intelligence is always worth sticking around for.


#24. They have started from scratch, have hit rock bottom and have thus, strengthened themselves. They will be the toughest ally, whenever you are in trouble.


#25. They have an immense understanding of possibility. To date someone who accepts no limitations means they are capable of loving you infinitely.


#26. They recognise the value of partnership in getting things done and the power of teamwork necessary to build something of mutual value.


#27. When an entrepreneur begins something, they give their 100% to it. This persistence will translate to your relationship, too.


#28. Entrepreneurs love and live their freedom. They will not be the nagging sort of partner, they won’t pick you up or cook for you but, will give you your own space.


#29. Entrepreneurs need love and you will be the only person capable of providing that. They cannot be vulnerable before people and often forget the need for company, affection and stability. Dating an entrepreneur will give you the chance to love a little more. Take that chance.



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