The 14-Year-Old Korean Who Makes Approx $1580 A Night By Eating Fast Food On Webcam

This 14-year-old basically has a job that basically all foodies will kill for. Fed up of dining alone, Kim Sung-jin from Seol makes upto £1,000 an evening by eating fried chicken, delivery pizza or Chinese food, while being watched by thousands of his fans via a live video feed.

Kim Sung-jin makes £1,000 per night by eating fast food on webcam

He is better known as ‘Patoo’, and is one of the youngest broadcasters on Afreeca TV, an app for live-broadcasting video online that was launched in 2006. 

The kid has been streaming since he was about 11 and sometimes invites his friends on the show to eat with him. And then there are times when he wears a blonde wig and dresses as a woman for fun while eating junk food, of course. His most successful episode till date has made him an unbelievable $1730. That’s actually literally what he does in all seriousness.

Kim Sung-jin makes £1,000 per night by eating fast food on webcam

This sort of content for live audiences in Korea is apparently quite predominant. In fact Afreeca TV, which has eight million unique monthly visitors, has become an important part of social life for Korean teenagers. 

Shows like Kim’s are known as Meok Bang, a mash-up Korean word of broadcast and eating. They are the most popular and profitable among some 5,000 live shows that are aired live on Afreeca TV.

Moreover, this dude also never seems to put on any weight no matter how much he eats. Guess, it’s safe to say that one will never fully understand the culture of South Korea!



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