He Was Given One Day To Live…Until Something Miraculous Happened

Kevin Massey woke up one morning feeling terribly ill. He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors soon told him that he had a terminal brain tumor. The high school sports hero and University of Kentucky hopeful quickly discovered that he had only a short time left on Earth.

This sudden news was disastrous for Kevin and his family. To help lift his spirits during his final days, a friend at his high school got in contact with the University of Kentucky’s basketball coach, John Calipari, telling the coach the situation and explaining that Kevin was a huge fan. After hearing this, Calipari did something incredibly special for Mr. Massey, which led to a series of amazing events.

If we keep pushing and never give up, good things happen. We can do things that seem impossible and defy even the greatest odds. If you aren’t certain about that, ask Kevin Massey. He is living proof of this!



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