It Looks Like She’s Just Taking Off Her Clothes…But Her Message Is Incredible

When you look at yourself in the mirror, how do you feel about your body?

In all honesty, you should feel amazing, no matter what you look like or what body type you might have. Some people, however, like to voice their opinions about others and dictate what they feel is the “right” type. To highlight this issue, a young female trainer took the suggestions of her bullies and literally transformed her body. In the end, she was not at all comfortable with who she became, and desired her body instead.

Watch the powerful transformation below, and learn why the “ideal” body isn’t the best body.

I hope more people learn from this brave woman’s example and know that nobody should tell you how to look, no matter who you are. After all, it is your body, and nobody gets to tell you how it should look.


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