Watch This Shocking Video Featuring Singaporean Mothers & Maids : Who Understands Kids Better?

The West sees the domestic worker as a luxury, but in many cases in Asia and the emerging world, hiring domestic help is the only solution that allows both parents to work outside the home and support their families. This communication is ultimately intended for anyone that employs domestic worker.

Who knows their kids better? Is it the mothers or maids?

Singaporean mothers face a painful trade-off – that between earning a living and spending time with their children.

In a controversial video featuring mothers and maids being quizzed about the children they care for, 74% of the maids had more correct answers than the mothers.

Approximately 40% of Singapore’s 222,500 domestic workers do not have a weekly day off, despite a law coming into effect in January 2013 making it mandatory.​ To pledge your commitment to giving domestic workers their legal days off, visit


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