Want to look Thinner WITHOUT Dieting or Exercising ? Tips Every Woman Should Know

We all want to steal the show at that party, don’t we? But with our hectic schedules, exercising is just SO MUCH WORK and don’t get me started on diets ! We’ve probably never, absolutely never been on one for more than 4 days. Those momos and chaat are irresistible right? Hahaha.
So whats the trick? Heres where fashion comes into the picture my lady.
Dressing right makes all the difference ! So let me tell you a few things that can make you look 5 kgs thinner and most definately concealing those “problem” areas 😀

Wear skinny heels with pointy toes

Img 1
Legs look slim and sexy in skirts paired with a shoe that has a tapered toe and at least a 2-inch stiletto. A slender toe and thin heel work to extend the narrow silhouette of calves. Square-toe styles with a thick, chunky heel attract unwanted attention.

Low necklines

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Expose a bit with a V-neckline. The open, upside-down triangle creates a high focal point up and away from your midsection and gives the illusion of a longer, slimmer upper body. The more skin displayed between chin the taller your neck looks, giving a leaner appearance.

Slimming undergarments

img 3
Well, ya they sound too mainstream but trust me they work ! Fixing those bulges just perfectly, finally giving you that beautiful hourglass figure. Bodycon dresses should never haunt you ever now 😉

Accentuate Your Waist

img 4
A voluminous white tunic may sound like the antithesis to dressing thinner, but it can be surprisingly flattering. Define your waist with a skinny belt.And the farther you are from the floor, the skinnier you’ll look, so wear platform heels.

Hide that tummy

img 5
To slim your tummy:-
Go for jackets with feminine details to draw the eye upward. The best silhouette is fitted at the shoulders and bust and hits at the top of the hip.
*Opt for monochromatic dresses. Styles like a simple sheath or an A-line with no natural break in the center can whittle your waist.

Downsize Hips and Thighs

img 6
Make over this region with :-
*Skirt styles that flatter, such as straight, pencil, and trumpet. Get extra “slim” points for finding fabrics with a Lycra blend that offer some support.
*Look for wide- or straight-leg trousers and jeans with built-in panels to smooth bulges. Avoid pleats, pockets, and buckles whenever possible — they’re fattening!

Refine Your Rearview

img 7
Smart fashion choices can defy the scale and get rid of the junk in your trunk.
*For a smooth line from top to bottom, wear a shapewear camisole. C-cups and above, look for control camis with a built-in underwire for the Fuller Figure.
*Eliminate the dreaded “muffin top” with longer tees and sweaters that are draped or ruched.
*Never, ever wear hip-hugging anything.
*Reject jeans with distracting details like contrast stitching, grommets, buttons, or rhinestones. Go for dark denim with a mid-low rise . Back pockets should be relatively large, close together, and ride high on the seat.

Lengthen Your Legs

img 8
Looking leggy at any height comes down to a savvy mix of visual tricks.
* Streamline with straight, A-line, or pencil skirts and dresses that hover at the knee for the most flattering look.
* In spring or summer go barelegged. Keep it monochromatic by matching your shoes to your skin tone for a leaner line.
*Pumps that are an inch or higher will take your legs to the max. Just be sure the heel isn’t needle-thin or the contrast will accentuate thickness of the lower legs.

Opt for vertical details and avoid horizontal details

img 9
Think pinstripes, pleats, and vertical zippers, and avoid horizontal stripes or rows of embellishments. Vertical details prompt the eye to look up and down instead of side to side, which helps create the illusion of slenderness.

Also avoid shoes with ankle straps

img 10
Ankle straps place a horizontal line at the top of your foot, which cuts off your leg and makes it look shorter. A shorter leg also looks stouter, which reduces the illusion of overall skinniness.

Now you have no reason to feel anything less than a star. Just the right clothes and that gorgeous smile should be enough to sweep everyone off their feet 😉


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