Are You One Of Such Indian Hypocrites?

The listicle below consists of 10 extreme Indian hypocrisies that many of our generation notice but shy away from. Are we just used to the two-faced nature of people all around us? Or have we learned to live with these people because we feel the Indian mentality just clings to every new idea that blows in from the West?

Taking a look at these hard-hitting realizations will help to know what kind of people we are dealing with here. (Note: no offense should be taken as all Indians at some point in their lives are hypocrites.)

1. In India, there are two kinds of people- feminists and sexists. If you’re not a feminist, (who are you kidding) you’re a sexist. Men saying women cannot drive are male chauvinists, but women cursing every man because “they’re all the same” are feminists.


2. Your choice? Uh, no, it only applies to women. 


3. For some reason, women think they are the only minority. When men sit in the reserved seats for ladies, it’s all about rights. When women sit in the reserved seats for senior citizens, it’s all about convenience. 


4.  We’re Indians, prejudice runs in our blood. But, we will take to heart whatever name the Brits give us because they’re racists. 


5. When something is banned, everyone in India knows about it. How can we not? It’s all over the Internet and those people are famous. Wait, what farmers? Why are they dying?


6. We protest for and against everything because someone somewhere was wronged. When it comes to righting the wrong, “It’s risky, I won’t do it.”


7. And then there’s the media. They can’t be labelled with “sexists” or “feminists”. They’re a different category called “life destroyers”. 


8. Here is the most common type of hypocrisy found in our country. We don’t complain about the mess in our house, we clean it. Outside, we don’t bother about the existing mess, we add to it. 


9. Liking and sharing on a social network isn’t a difficult task. We prefer doing that because actually working for a social cause  requires us to lift our butts and show courage. Just because it’s called a “social” network doesn’t mean you’re doing any social work.


10. What’s more? There are now new trends for judging which allow only some people and some things to be judged. 



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