Meet the World’s Biggest Rabbit and His Giant Rival… His Own Son!

Weighing 22.2 kg and measuring 4ft 4in or 1.3m, Darius, a member of the Continental Giant breed, is considered the world’s largest rabbit. However, he may soon give up his title since his son Jeff, who already measures 3ft 8in, still has 6 months left to grow.

According to Annette Edwards, the owner of the giant rabbits from Bromsgrove, she spends around £5,000 (approx Rs 50k) a year for her pets’ food as they consume about 2,000 carrots and 700 apples annually. In addition, the rabbits get to eat specialist rabbit food everyday and a bale of hay a week.

Since the rabbits are very big, they each sleep in a dog crate that normally houses a German Shepherd.

Speaking to The Daily Mail UK, Edwards said: “Darius was always big but Jeff is huge considering he’s still a baby. I’m expecting him to grow much bigger than his dad.”

Meet Jeff the rabbit with his owner Annette Edwards.


Jeff (left) with his father Darius, who currently holds the record as the world’s largest rabbit.


Ava Johnson, 7yr old, struggles to pick up the monstrous Jeff as he is almost as large as her.


Continental Giants are the largest breed of rabbits.


Watch the video:

Do you think Jeff will outgrow his dad?

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