Facts About India’s Judicial System That Tell Us Why Trials Go On For Decades!

That the Indian Judicial System is one of the oldest legal systems in the world today and it is a well-known fact that India’s courts are clogged with long-pending cases. To allow the wheels of justice to move faster, over 1,000 fast track courts were set up, which in the past 11 years have decided more than 3.2 million cases. But the problem still remains far from being solved. According to official data available, till 2013 end a massive 32 million cases were pending.

On May 6, after 13 years, Salman Khan’s hit and run case finally came to a close when a Mumbai sessions court pronounced him guilty of all charges and awarded a 5 year jail term. But Salman’s case is not the only one that was pending for so long.

Here’s a list of facts about India’s judicial system:






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